The Last Supper 2010

H122 x W 275 x 7cm Large table top, found objects, collected newspaper clippings, Oil paint and household gloss

Chapter 67 – The Ritual of the Mass
The Last Supper ritual is not as simple as what was related in the Bible by the Evangelists, where St. John’s narration varied widely from the rest and so “got itself out from the Bible” by the scholars. But that was the most accurate of the four. Jesus Christ actually preached first the “hidden knowledge” to his apostles, the selected 12 disciples. Consider them to be the “cream of the crop” of all disciples, and hence when time was near, Jesus selected a relatively hidden house where he would teach these selected converts. It was actually for more than a week that Jesus explained the “hidden knowledge” to these disciples. You can just imagine the frustration of Jesus in failing to get across to them. It was only St. Mark who could understand some, and so Jesus entrusted to him the “hidden knowledge” he himself wrote. St. Mark discovered the powers and instead of spreading the knowledge he aspired to become the “first Pope” by not explaining to the slow learners the import of Jesus Christ’s teachings. Hence, St. Mark advanced in Intelligence so much faster compared to others. Part of this “hidden knowledge” covers the techniques on how to improve oneself the occult way at the fastest possible pace. This is what “Material Perfection” St. Gabriel #3 is preparing in an attempt to reconstruct such, but the “fruit” above has not ripened yet. Long, long time yet before it will. But that could be overcome if research on the astral plane is done, or research through effort is done on Earth.
Hidden Teachings at the Last Supper.

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