Know Your Responsibilities 2011 (Ten Commandments series) X

H184 x W48 x 39cm
Found objects resin and paint.
H184 x W48 x 39cm
Found objects resin and paint.



Moses and the Reconstructed Ten Commandments

Jesus Fell in Love with Miriam

Brothers and Sisters of Jesus

Man’s Hidden Powers

The “Lost 18 Years” of Jesus

25K Infinito Prevented Holocaust on Earth in 1987

Elohims, Lemuria, and the Destruction of Atlantis

Christ’s Second Coming in the 11th Century

Hidden Teachings at the Last Supper

Moses and the Reconstructed Ten Commandments

By the way, there is an interesting aside about Moses and the Ten Commandments. Moses was required by God to climb to the top of a mountain to receive the Ten Commandments. And the people, too lazy to accompany him, were easily tempted by Satan himself to worship the golden calf, to indulge in free sex, and forget the sacred mission of Moses. When Moses returned, out of anger he destroyed the tablet of the Ten Commandments which was made of crystal. That was how the Church of God which was about to be built then was sabotaged by Satan. And Moses because of his anger simply reconstructed the stone-tablet Ten Commandments from memory. When he got only eight out of the ten, he had to patch up the missing ones and came out duplicating two: (1) “Do not steal” and “Do not covet thy neighbors’ goods” and (2) “Do not commit adultery” and “Do not covet thy neighbor’s wives.”

Thus, it was no longer perfect like the original, but being an expression of the level of man’s development at the time, it was allowed by God the Father anyway. But this seriously set back man’s spiritual evolution because of the important two commandments Moses missed: “Detach yourself from material things” and “Love your enemies.” If men had known and practiced these commandments since the time of Moses, they would have been far advanced spiritually by the time of Christ’s coming. And many would have understood Jesus, followed his example, and transfigured just like he did. And it would have been a different story altogether.

God, seeing the imperfection of the Ten Commandments allowed it to continue. But its reconstruction was imperfect. The original was lost forever. And what God has already given, or for that matter what has been received from the spirit world is no longer repeated. Reconstruction is allowed if watered with effort. What Moses should have done was to contain his anger, let the people ask God for forgiveness, and do penance through fasting. But that is hindsight.

Today, you see people claiming to be Christians because they are following the Ten Commandments to the letter.

But their efforts do not suffice. The focus of the Ten Commandments as it is now is for one to become pure in thoughts, words, and deeds. However, aside from purity it is also important for one to be detached from the pleasures of Earth, from material things, which injunction is totally absent in the reconstructed Ten Commandments. Had detachment been prescribed right at the start, then the church would have been a better church today! But that did not happen.

One can follow strictly the reconstructed Ten Commandments of God and still live a life of pleasure.

Also, Love for one’s fellowmen was limited by Moses to include only one’s friends. Jesus Christ had to correct it to include one’s enemies. In short, the reconstructed Ten Commandments suffered due to Moses’ imperfection. In a way, what Moses experienced was a test for him, for man in general. Man was not up to par at the time.

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