Artists Statement

My work explores Reconstructivism from a wryly satirical perspective, often through a perverse literal interpretation; reconstructing by using a form of abstract expressionism, pop and the found to enhance interesting evocative objects and images reclaimed from the ephemera of human ingenuity, invention and endeavor.  A vast, unknowable palette of materials delivered to the artist variously by design, providence, fate, and synchronicity. Striving to create unique and novel forms through the juxtaposition of shape, colour and material.
My work is all about now and it aspires to reawaken a sense of the mysterious and illusory aspects of reality, to elevate the mundane to the sublime. Given the freedom to be in opposition to their own aspirations and ambitions, the pieces actively question notions of authenticity and meaning.  Can anything be truly new and unique, novel or revolutionary? Should we be engaged in a pursuit of something potentially unattainable? Can a new visionary perspective be attained from a reorganisation of existing forms and structures?  The creative process can be joyously unpredictable, an adventure undertaken through surrendering the decision-making processes of the rational, conscious mind to the desires and aesthetic of the somnambulant unconscious.